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Matrossoff Leonid Konstantinovich


Was born on November the 10th 1956 in the Russian town of Vladimir. After high school he entered the Tallinn Sailing school and graduated it with the excellence.
After 12 years long sailing through sees and oceans he had launched the successful business. In 1998 he suffered the car accident and the Clinique death.
After recovery he had found in him the unique capability to see and draw on the paper the most complete structures with the illusion of dynamic multidimensional space.
Leonid has discovered the new function for the triangle as the elementary part for the dynamic multidimensional space structures creation. Leonid Matrossoff continues to find the ways of practical using for his works – from Children Drawings and mosaics to the buildings and constructions decorating.

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  • Москва, улица профсоюзная, дом 3, офис 117
  • 8-917-578-79-03
  • 8-903-687-31-03, 8-919-022-82-16

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